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Superfishoil Campaign to Motivate More Fish Consumption

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UK - Superfishoil, the new campaign from Fish is the Dish, Seafishs consumer brand, aims to help motivate and inspire consumers to look at what they eat, comparing delicious and nutritious seafood as a healthier option for meals and snacks, instead of other higher in saturated fat, superficial takeaways and convenience meals - because its not superficial, its superfishoil.

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As well as promote the health benefits of omega-3 rich fish, the Superfishoil campaign goal is also to tackle the obstacles that consumers feel they face when purchasing seafood. According to insight research from Sainbury’s Future Foundation these barriers include price, recipe knowledge, the availability of fish and time to prepare from scratch.

Throughout February and March the campaign will encourage consumers to choose seafood dishes that are nutritious, tasty and simple to make with a variety of recipes, tips and competitions on the Fish is the Dish website, along with a great Superfishoil giveaway.

Fish is the Dish has already been in 20 selected Morrisons supermarkets around the UK giving shoppers the opportunity to sample two different varieties of mackerel at a FITD branded stand in store, with a 50p money-off voucher for each of the sampled products. The increase in sales for these products, compared to the previous week was 368 and 406 per cent.

To carry on this theme, in March, FITD will be supporting Regal Fish, a seafood delivery service. Regal will be delivering mackerel samples to over a thousand selected customers throughout England and the North Wales border who haven’t tried it before. Follow-up research will then look to find out if trying the sample has encouraged their customers to buy more fish in the future.

Towards the end of March, the Superfishoil campaign will also work with street food vendors in central London to provide the general public with samples of a variety of seafood species that they may not have purchased before. Each customer will be given a Fish is the Dish pack, including information on omega-3 and delicious recipes that can help them contribute to the recommended 3grams of long-chain omega-3 fats they should be getting a week.

The aim of these partnerships is to encourage consumers to include more seafood in their diets whilst also raising awareness about the health benefits of omega-3 rich fish.

In addition to these tasting activities, The Superfishoil campaign will be supported by traditional and digital advertising and will be promoted through Fish is the Dish’s own online communities on Facebook and Twitter, which currently sit at around 50,000 consumers. So get involved by engaging, sharing and retweeting!

This activity follows on from the successful ‘Feed Your Mind’ campaign in October 2014, which was based on research conducted by the Fish is the Dish team that reported 73 per cent of adults in the UK didn’t know how much fish they should eat a week in order to maintain good health.

To help consumers, Fish is the Dish developed a multi-platform strategy with competitions, videos, blog posts and development of recipes high in omega 3 in partnership with highly respected Nutritionist, Juliette Kellow.

Mel Groundsell, Corporate Relations Director, Seafish comments: “Our omega3 campaign is geared to those consumers who are new to seafood. By allowing them to taste what’s on offer and following up with recipe ideas and purchase incentives, we hope to show that fish isn’t just good for you – it’s easy, affordable and tastes fantastic!”

For more information on Fish is the Dish and how to introduce more fish into your diet, contact Heather Middleton on 0131 524 691 or follow @fishisthedish.

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