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Sino Agro Enhance Sustainable Aquaculture Vision with Chief Scientific Officer

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CHINA - Supporting the company's vision to become a leading sustainable aquaculture company, Sino Agro Food, Inc. (SIAF) has now appointed Dr Anthony C. Ostrowski as Chief Scientific Officer to head its R&D and Product Certification Division.

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The division underpins the creation of a globally-valued SIAF brand of protein food products backed by the use of sustainable production techniques, scientifically verified proprietary technology, and industry best management practices.

An accomplished executive and scientist, Dr Ostrowski brings over 30 years of broad international experience in the field of aquaculture and affiliated industries.

He was principal investigator on numerous, multi-million dollar federal research projects in the US; directed a multi-state, multi-institution research consortium; and led the internationally recognized aquaculture research organization, Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, USA as President and CEO from 2009-2012.

Most recently, he was general manager and CEO of Wanshida Ocean Bio-tech, Ltd., a Chinese aquaculture R&D firm located in Yangjiang, PRC.

Dr Ostrowski brings a wealth of expertise and executive management skills to lead SIAF's sustainability mission in the fast-paced aquaculture and protein food industries. Dr Ostrowski will represent SIAF at aquaculture and food product conferences, and in trade and professional journals.

"SIAF understands the future and is on the cutting edge of an evolution in the aquaculture industry," said Dr Ostrowski.

"I believe the company's indoor RAS technology is second to none, and is a cornerstone of a sound, vertically integrated farm to plate business model that targets food security, safety, and sustainability. My mandate is to help take the company to the next level of achievement in both quality and scope, starting with the Zhongshan project. The scale of Mr Lee's vision for the project is unprecedented. There is no better region than China in which to emphasize the importance of sustainability. I am very grateful for this opportunity to help the company become a leader in global aquaculture."

R&D and Product Certification Division

The primary mission of the R&D and Certification Division is to underpin the Company's products produced at existing aquaculture facilities and the emerging Zhongshan New Prawn Project with science, accommodating value added lines and branding. The Division aims to provide a solid foundation for honest and effective brand recognition through research that will promote innovation, and by implementing a third-party process certification and a product traceability program based on internationally accepted best practices and management standards.

Third party certification ensures that SIAF meets global standards in sustainable farming practices, differentiating the company and its protein products from competitors, furthering the aim to expand market reach globally. As a member of the Board of the Aquaculture Certification Council from 2007-2012, Dr Ostrowski advised on Best Aquaculture Practices, standards and activities to meet global process certification for shrimp and fish hatcheries, grow-out facilities, and feed mills, promoting food safety and sustainable production practices that are biologically, environmentally, and socially responsible.

The Division will be managed as a profit center, with new technologies, products, and services for sale to domestic and international organizations.

CEO Solomon Lee stated: "The Zhongshan New Prawn Project is a model user of sustainable and holistic, green management practices in one of the most densely urbanized regions of the world. As far as we know, the project is the largest indoor aquaculture development in the world. For many reasons, scale is important for our corporate mission; so too is yield and premium quality, which are driven by best practices. Consistent with our vision to become a leading vertically integrated and sustainable aquaculture company, we employ the latest technology and industry qualified personnel. I am confident that Dr Ostrowski will further our aims, not only for our company, but also for the broader goal of improving processes to meet the ever increasing need for healthier food everywhere."

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