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Shrimp Farming Guide Updated & Expanded For 2011

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US - The highly successful Shrimp Farming Guide released in 2010 by JT Abney was a runaway international success, providing purchasers all over the globe with definitive instructions on how to start and run their own profitable shrimp farms.

Now, the Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture International Directory has been completely updated and has ballooned in size from just 40 pages to over 230 pages in 2011. New sections were added for Shrimp Importers, Shrimp Exporters and Shrimp Agents.

Abney has also had exclusive software developed for Fish Farm/Aquaculture Calculations and Conversions. It's called "Fish Scales" and does over 15 Calculations and Conversions - from simple Weight, Volume, Area, all the way to Water Treatment Levels, Water Flow, Density, Tank Volumes, even Drug Treatments. All are included with the Shrimp Farming Guide.

The original shrimp farming guide was created in the wake of the BP oil spill, which dealt a major blow to the $20 billion a year shrimp farming industry.

JT Abney, whose family are long time residents of Louisiana and Mississippi, created an exhaustively researched, step by step shrimp farming guide to help people whose livelihoods have been affected by the BP oil spill discover the profitable world of aquaculture.

"It was originally intended to help people whose livelihoods had been put on hold by the BP oil spill. I wanted to show people how easy it is to develop a successful aquaculture business - and judging by the success of The Shrimp Farming Guide, I succeed in doing that."

The Guide, available at, explains step by step how people can get started with their own shrimp farming business and how they can make a six figure annual income from shrimp farming.

The original guide was so successful, and I received such an overwhelming response to it, that I was inspired to expand the guide and add new sections, specifically based on the requests that Ive been getting, Abney explained.

The guide covers all of the information needed to start a shrimp farming business, including how to harvest and package shrimp, how to keep shrimp healthy, how to test water quality and maintain it, the difference between raising saltwater and freshwater shrimp, startup costs, what types of permits and licenses are needed, how to get the shrimp to market, and more.

These methods can be used anywhere, both in the United States and abroad, and there is even an extensive International Directory of Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture suppliers and contacts included.

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