Seafish Advises Industry on Glaze Levels in Seafood After EU Changes

22 March 2016, at 12:00am

UK - Seafish is meeting with industry experts, key stakeholders and national government in a bid to establish an agreed method of monitoring glaze levels on packaged seafood, following labelling legislation changes introduced by the European Commission.

The food information regulation (EU 1169/2011) states that the net weight (excluding the glaze) should be presented on labels for consumers. However, there is currently no established formal methodology in place to test glaze levels in products for monitoring purposes.

The Commission is expected to put forward proposals on the measuring of deglazed weight and it is important that government departments representing the UK understand what the seafood industry’s position is on the issue. Seafish has set up this meeting to give industry the opportunity to advise their preferred approach and opinion on the matter.

Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) are among the guests who have agreed to attend to discuss developments so far and obtain the views of industry.

The meeting is being chaired by Seafish’s Regulatory Affairs Advisor Peter Wilson.

Peter Wilson said: “In the absence of any agreed methodology for determining the glaze weight on fishery products the Commission are considering the establishment of analytical methods for its determination based upon existing international standards.

“These can prove to be impractical in some respects and in the absence of any official methodology, some businesses have tended to modify, resulting in a number of different methodologies. The National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) wish to research the methods currently being used in the UK seafood sector in order to recommend a standard approach to drained weight determination in discussion with the Commission.

“In order to do this they need information on the methods individual businesses use to determine drained net weight. Seafish have arranged this meeting to give businesses and opportunity to discuss this with NMRO and Defra.”

The event will be held in Seafish’s Europarc Offices in Grimsby on March 22 at 2pm.