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Saudi Arabia Aquaculture Company Receives Global G.A.P Certification

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SAUDI ARABIA - National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA) is the first company in Saudi Arabia to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture (Shrimp & Fish) and Compound Feed Manufacturing Certification.

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This success also makes the NAQUA Group the first company in the Middle East and North Africa Region to achieve both GLOBALG.A.P. Standards, and the fifth company in the world to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for Barramundi Fish.

Saudi Arabia is the ninth country in the world to be GLOBALG.A.P. certified for White-leg Shrimp.

Commenting on this success, engineer Ahmed Al-Ballaa, NAQUA’s Managing Director, said: “GLOBALG.A.P. Certification was a strategic target, which brings us to the front line of leading aquaculture systems in the world.

"This proves that NAQUA has well defined measures on complying with all local and global norms for animal welfare, sustained aquaculture and feed manufacturing systems, professional and talented human resources, and a platform for producing world-class seafood products.

“GLOBALG.A.P. Certification will help us explore our global markets as a recognised, sustainable aquaculture company."

Considered a model for local and global aquaculture systems, NAQUA is one of the largest integrated desert coastal companies in global marine aquaculture systems, with over 2,500 employees in the group and an expected production capacity of 35,000 metric tons of shrimp and 100,000 metric tons of fish.

In addition to fish and shrimp, NAQUA produces sea cucumber, algae and artemia products. NAQUA uses Red Sea water to produce and enhance the flavour of the shrimps and fish with total consideration to protecting and improving the environment.

NAQUA’s achievement follows a comprehensive assessment of the business by SGS Australia PTY LTD, an independent accredited certification body for global Good Agricultural Practices.