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Renewed Treaty Protects Pacific Salmon Stocks

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GENERAL - Five chapters of the Pacific Salmon Treaty are to be changed after renewal negotiations between Canada and the US.

The renewed chapters, which took effect 1 January 2009, will help ensure the long-term sustainability of Pacific salmon stocks while supporting an economically viable fishing industry on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, reported CNWGroup earleir today.

"Conservation and the long-term sustainability of Pacific salmon are the key objectives being pursued through the Pacific Salmon Treaty," said Minister Shea. "This is a crucial agreement that will help people on both sides of the border benefit from sustainable fishing opportunities for years to come. The agreement will also promote increased cooperation between our countries as we manage our shared salmon stocks."

In Canada, consultations were undertaken with affected domestic stakeholders, including representatives of First Nations, the commercial and recreational harvest sectors, environmental organizations and the Province of British Columbia during the negotiations and after the PSC made its recommendations to the Parties.