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Reduction of Frozen Cod in August

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NORWAY - Norway exports of cod, including dried fish, salted fish and stockfish, 718 million in August. This is 20 per cent less than the same month last year. A decrease of frozen cod is behind the decline.

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"Signals from China about the slowdown in the processing industry now seems to have turned in earnest for the processing of frozen whole cod from Norway," says market analyst Ove Johansen from Norway sjmatrd.

Frozen cod is reduced by NOK 148.2 million to a total of 197.7 million kroner in August compared with the same month last year. Frozen whole cod decreased by 40.1 million to a total of NOK 39.9 million. Frozen whole sei reduced by NOK 41.8 million to a total of 21.2 million. Frozen whole haddock reduced by NOK 45.3 million compared to the same month last year to a total of 49.9. Frozen fillets have a reduction of 22.2 million to a total of 65.9 million dollars.

China remains the largest recipient nation of frozen cod products despite a decline from August last year 66.7 million to a total of 56 million.

Increase for clipfish, reduction of clipfish saithe

Exports of dried fish products totaled NOK 289 million in August and there is a reduction from a year ago to 7.5 million or three per cent.

Exports of cod were 162.5 million in August against 158.5 million during the same month last year. Volume increased from 3162 tonnes in August last year to 3619 tons now in August, an increase of 14 per cent. Exports of saithe decreased from 105.7 to 91.4 million in August.

Portugal was the largest dried fish market in August and exports amounted to 109.6 million in August. This is a decrease of 1.4 million from the same month last year due to a reduced rate of 6 per kilo to 42 per kg in August. Brazil, as the second largest market for dried fish, dropped simultaneously from 81.2 to 54.8 million.

Growth of salted fish

The export of salted fish, whole and fillets was 41 million in August. Compared with the same month last year this was an increase of 10 million. Whole salted cod exports totaled 19.8 million, 1 million over the same month last year. Portugal is the largest market with 10 million in value while Spain is the second largest market with a value of 9 million in August.

Reduction of stockfish

Total exports of dried stockfish were 54.5 million in August, and this is a decrease from the same month last year of 14 per cent.

To the main market, Italy, exports of stockfish from Lofoten cod were 34.7 million in August against 37.4 million kroner last August. The price of dried fish to Italy achieved a kilo price of 134.26 in July to 144.69 in July last year. Volume to Italy in August 2012 was 258 tons, exactly the same as in August last year.

More fresh produce at lower cost

The value of fresh cod fish products from the fishery were reduced by a total of 11 million and ended at NOK 116 million in August compared with August last year. Fresh whole fish decreased by 21.6 million to a total of 70 million. For fresh whole cod, saithe and haddock was good volume growth but lower exports of monkfish and generally lower prices contributed to the reduction.

Increased exports of cod aquaculture

Total exports of groundfish products from aquaculture were 13.9 million and this is a decrease from a year ago at 320 thousand dollars. Whole cod aquaculture increased by 2 million and ends at 8.2 million. Volume increased from 193 tonnes to 320 tonnes in August.