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Redesigned BAP logo unveiled

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The Global Aquaculture Alliance is proud to announce that its industry-leading third-party aquaculture certification program, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), has a new look.

On 25 July, GAA unveiled a redesigned BAP logo as part of a rebranding campaign that will officially roll out in October 2019.

Since its inception in 2002, BAP has evolved and grown tremendously, and the rebranding campaign acknowledges the programme’s journey from an industry-facing solution to a publicly recognised brand. The centrepiece of the rebranding campaign is a new BAP logo that is more consumer friendly and displays more clearly on pack, in print and online. The refreshed BAP logo better speaks to the programme’s goal of continuous improvement and the programme’s connection to GAA, which underwent a rebrand in 2016 as the organisation approached its 20th anniversary.

“We make the BAP logo available to certified partners free of charge and want to make sure that the logo is attractive, meaningful and easily recognised in global markets. This redesign has incorporated feedback from our partners and clearly links to the assurances on the environment, social, animal welfare and food safety provided by the BAP programme,” said GAA CEO Andrew Mallison.

The new BAP logo has a horizontal parent version for improved readability and brand recognition and has an acronym version (below) that is clearly visible on pack, in print and online. The new logo resembles an eye, which speaks to the programme’s attention to detail in the standards-development and auditing process, and features a fish that points to the name and faces forward, recognising that the program is on a path toward continuous improvement. Finally, there’s a subtle check mark embedded in the fish, signifying independent, third-party verification of the product.

The BAP “star” logo (below) for on-pack use, which recognises product from associated or integrated facilities with a star-based ranking system, also received a makeover.

In addition to the new logo, the rebranding campaign that’s launching in October will also feature a redesigned BAP website; a marketing toolkit for retailers and foodservice operators containing point-of-sale materials, photo and video assets, and more; a separate marketing toolkit for producers; resources and signage for business-to-business events; and consumer-facing messaging to tell the story of responsible aquaculture. Updated BAP logo guidelines are already available.

As always, the BAP logo is free to use; there is no logo-licensing fee associated with BAP. To mitigate any inconvenience brought about by the logo change-over, BAP partners have until Oct. 1, 2020, to make the full switch and avoid any unnecessary costs. However, for BAP partners who have packaging or materials ready to go to print, the new logo, in English, is available now.