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Ragay Gulf Favours the Smaller Operation

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PHILIPPINES - In the remote coastal town along the coastlines off the rich fishing ground of Ragay Gulf, marginal fishermen and small aquaculture projects are given preference over the big commercial fishers.

The coastal waters that extend 15 kilometers from the shoreline, the fisheries resources of the municipality include the inland water of Bula Lake, Bicol River, Pawili River and several creeks rich in fresh water fishes like tilapia, mud fish, cat fish, electric eels and shrimps.

Through this ordinance, big-time commercial fishers described by the use of active gears and vessels of more than 150 gross tons that used to invade the municipal waters are restricted from the area.

The ordinance that provides for the management, protection, utilization and disposition of all aquatic resources with the municipal waters would also ensure people’s participation towards this end and promote awareness of sustainable fisheries through appropriate education and training.

The ordinance also promotes marine aquaculture, including culture-based fisheries as means toward diversification of income and preservation of coastal and fisheries resources provided the municipality ensures that resources are used responsibly and adverse impacts on the development of the inland and marine waters considering the genetic diversity and ecosystem integrity of the municipal waters.

Seaweeds culture as a promising source of income, is also being encouraged as another option towards income diversification of the fishermen in the use of the municipal waters and the local government would facilitate technology transfer and provide channels for funding assistance to promote this venture.