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Packing Fish Products Discussed At Conference

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
31 October 2011, at 12:00am

SPAIN - The General Sea Secretariat held the 'Conference about trends in fish products packing' on the fisheries cooperation ship INTERMARES in Mlaga (Spain).

The different types of packing available in the market for fresh fish products were presented, as well as a guide for the packing of products.

This meeting is included on the frame of the current Quality Plan for fish products promoted by the General Fish Management Directorate of the MARM (Spanish Ministry of Environment, Countryside/Rural and Sea Environment).

The objective is to help the fish and aquaculture industries in Spain to implement the necessary measures to improve the quality in all production, processing and marketing chains of fish products.

Representatives from different fields in the fish industry, public authorities, universities and other organisations attended the conference.

Among other themes, the conference discussed UNE standards for packing; features of wooden, corrugated and active materials packing and the needs and solutions of packing along all the fish products value chain. The guide mentioned before is published on MARM website (in Spanish).

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