Oman Fisheries Certified Friend Of The Sea

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
14 June 2011, at 1:00am

OMAN - An impressive product range from Oman fisheries company, Al Marsa Fisheries, has been certified Friend of the Sea (FOS).

The products certified are: Blue line snapper, Catfish, Crimson Jobfish, Greater amberjack, Grouper, Indian oil sardine, Kawakawa, King soldier bream, Tiger-toothed croaker, Soldier bream, Striped bonito, Santer Seabream (Red Seabream), Sweetlips, Trevally and Yellowfin tuna.

Located near Muscat, Oman, the Al Marsa Fisheries production plant facility is one of the biggest and most modern in the whole region. Beginning operations in 2007, the Al Marsa company procures fish only from small artisanal traditional fishing operations using the Hand line (one hook) method which has no impact on the seabed and allows great selectivity.

Talking about the companies sustainability,Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea’s Executive Director explained: “Al Marsa support and work directly with the local fishing community, Friend of the Sea appreciates this.”