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Nutraferma to Showcase PepSoyGen at Aquaculture America 2015

10 February 2015, at 12:00am

US - Nutraferma, a leading innovator of biotech solutions, will be showcasing PepSoyGen at this years Aquaculture America trade show, February 20 - 22 in New Orleans, Louisiana. PepSoyGen is a functional all-natural fermented-soy protein for young animal diets.

PepSoyGen is rich in short-chain peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability, direct-fed microbials, and metabolites. The fermentation process increases the protein content while significantly reducing the anti-nutritional factors traditionally found in soy.

The finished product contains the beneficial microbes Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis as well as valuable metabolites.

“University and commercial trials validate PepSoyGen as an outstanding source of protein, performing equally or better than other protein sources for aqua diets,” said Jason Sewell, Nutraferma Ph.D. nutritionist.

A recent feeding trial conducted at the Aquacultural Research and Teaching Facility of Texas A&M University confirmed that PepSoyGen could effectively replace up to 50 per cent of fishmeal protein in juvenile red drum diets without affecting overall production performance.

A digestibility trial on red drum at the same facility tested the crude protein apparent digestibility coefficients for fish fed commodity fishmeal against fish fed PepSoyGen. The PepSoyGen diets experienced considerably higher apparent digestibility coefficients.

Visit with Nutraferma representatives in booth 425 at the 2015 Aquaculture America Trade Show in New Orleans for more information on PepSoyGen and the research results mentioned.


Phone: (605) 217-2026

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