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Norway Encounters Problems in Exporting Fish to Turkey

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NORWAY - Several Norwegian exporters are currently experiencing problems in getting fish products into Turkey. The Food Safety Authority is working to find a solution.

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The authority has received several inquiries from concerned exporters who have had trouble getting their fish products across the border to Turkey.

Exporters have been told by their importers that Turkey has amended its import rules and that the current certificate, therefore, may not be satisfactory.

The authority has not received any formal request from the Turkish authorities about any regulatory changes. The situation is perceived as a complex since it disclosed various problems at different border crossings.

FSA is now working to get an overview of the situation, and the Norwegian Embassy in Turkey has been contacted. The Embassy will contact the Turkish authorities, hoping to get more clarity about what is required to maintain good trade flow of fish products from Norway to Turkey.

We encourage the industry to keep close contact with its distributors and ensure that goods and certificate are satisfactory before they send consignments to Turkey.