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New Vaccine Concept Wins Innovation Award

10 March 2014, at 12:00am

NORWAY - A homing fish vaccine developed at the Norwegian National Veterinary Institute and University of Oslo has received the Innovation Award at the marine innovation conference in Bergen.

The vaccine is based on a Norwegian vaccine concept (Vaccibody) which can mean big savings for the aquaculture industry.

The theme this year was "New solutions for next-generation marine sector" and Helene Hauge, Veterinary Institute, said she was inspired by the award.

Ms Hauge said that she and her colleague from the University of Oslo, Unni Grimholt, find it invigorating that there are more who share the belief in the potential of the project.

"This is a targeted vaccine based on genetic analysis," said Ms Hauge.

"The vaccine principle is based on a Norwegian vaccine concept, which provides increased efficiency, reduced doses and less need for potentially harmful agents, so-called adjuvant. The targeted vaccine platform also provides flexibility with regard to disease and species," she said.


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