New Trout, Sea Bass, Bream Feed Factory Opens in Turkey

30 August 2016, at 1:00am

TURKEY - Thanks to a joint venture between the Danish feed company BioMar and Turkish seafood company Sagun, a state-of-the-art fish feed factory has opened in Turkey

The BioMar-Sagun fish feed factory based in Söke, Turkey has a 50,000 tons production capacity and will supply locally produced high performance diets including grower feeds for trout, sea bass and sea bream.

Other more specialised feed types in the BioMar-Sagun product portfolio, like hatchery diets and fry feeds, will be produced at other BioMar factories and distributed through BioMar-Sagun.

BioMar-Sagun will mainly serve Turkey, but it will also start export sales to some of the neighboring countries.

The CEO of BioMar Group, Mr Carlos Diaz stated: “Turkey is a great country with excellent natural conditions for aquaculture and a high potential for growth. As BioMar Group, we are delighted to be a part of the Turkish aquaculture industry. We have a great team here in Turkey. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our partners, and together we hope to make a solid contribution to the continued development of the aquaculture industry and to help realise the full potential for aquaculture in Turkey”.

Likewise, the Vice Chairman of Group Sagun, Mr.O?ulcan Sagun expressed his opinion: “We are proud of being partners with the global fish feed giant BioMar. With BioMar’s knowledge and expertise in fish feed, we are determined to contribute to developing and bringing an innovative perspective to the Turkish aquaculture industry”.