New Sustainable Seafood Guide for Hong Kong Consumers

8 July 2014, at 1:00am

HONG KONG - WWF has published a new sustainable Seafood Guide for consumers in Hong Kong based upon scientific assessments of the main fish and shellfish supply sources by specialist fisheries consultant MacAlister Elliott & Partners (MEP).

A diverse array of species from many of the fisheries and aquaculture sources around the world that supply the Hong Kong market were assessed for their sustainability credentials by MEP. The aim of the guide is to help consumers make informed choices when buying seafood.

The pocket sized guide features more than 70 popular seafood species that can be found in local wet markets, supermarkets, frozen food shops and restaurants that sell live fish. Each species is allocated one of three categories: Red – fish to avoid; Amber – think twice; and Green – recommended.

Frances James, Project Officer for MEP, said: “We made a rapid assessment of each species drawing upon a variety of information sources to look at stock status, ecosystem impacts and the effectiveness of fisheries management systems. We are now working on other Seafood Guides for the European market, which are also aimed at encouraging people to consume sustainably-harvested seafood.”

The guide can be downloaded at: