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New Software Could Cut Fishing Vessel Fuel Costs

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SPAIN - New software developed at the AZTI technology centre in Spain allows the crew of a fishing vessel to view instant fuel consumption displays, allowing them to optimise fuel use for each activity and the sailing conditions.

On a fishing vessel knowing how much fuel is used, when and why is a basic requirement that allows effective fuel-saving actions geared towards the specific case of each vessel to be carried out.

The new system, known as ‘GESTOIL’, allows significant fuel savings to be made when effectively used.

According to AZTI, the proactive use of the system can achieve savings of up to 25 per cent in troll fishing, about 10 per cent in purse-seine vessels, and between two per cent and nine per cent in trawling.

The new technology enables a breakdown to be made of the fuel consumption in the different phases in the vessel's operation.

This knowledge makes it possible to come up with technical and operational improvements, which will optimise energy consumption and which can be adjusted to the specific conditions of each vessel.

The tools are geared towards ship owners who want to cut their operating costs and eventually the public administrations interested in improving the environmental sustainability of the fleet.

They are of equal interest for naval engineering fields and, in particular, for the shipyards that are committed to building new vessels that are more effective and sustainable from the energy and environmental perspective.