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New Project Improves Ice Slurry Chilling on Small Fishing Boats

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ICELAND - Icelandic research company Matis has begun a project to improve the quality of fish and maximise return rates from small boats through improved ice slurry chilling.

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The increased catch of small inshore fishing boats in Iceland recently has pointed out challenges in the handling and quality of fish on board these small boats.

It is clear that new handling methods and alternatives in chilling must be introduced.

The main objective of this Matis project is therefore to improve the quality of catch from small fishing boats and to maximise their revenue.

To reach these objectives, a new ice slurry machine will be designed and all handling procedures on board concerning; bleeding, gutting and chilling will also be improved.

Improved chilling on board small fishing boats, will inevitably increase the quality the landed catch. That includes a clear benefit for the fishermen and expectations of higher raw material price and/or more stable sales and deliveries.

Increased quality also creates opportunities for fish processing companies, as they now get the chance to produce more valuable products.

The main products of the project are:

  • A new slurry ice machine designed for inshore fishing boats
  • More knowledge on the effects of different cooling on fish flesh and rigor mortis
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of the energy use during cooling with slurry and flake ice

For more information on the project, please visit the Matis projects page.