New Process Developed for Creating Smoke-Flavoured Salmon

19 December 2014, at 12:00am

SPAIN - Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a new technique using water vapor permeable bags for salted and smoked fish.

This technique combines "controlled salting" with the use of smoke flavorings and packaging so that there is better control of the amount of salt in the final product.

It also contributes to greater food security by minimising the potential for microbial contamination of the product.

So far, the technique has been applied at laboratory scale and the results have been published in the Journal of Food Engineering.

"In the process of producing smoked fish, the salt is used as a preservative, so that the greater the amount the longer the product shelf life," explained Ana Fuentes, CUINA Group researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In addition to salmon and cod, UPV researchers are studying the application of this technique to smoke other species of fish as well as dry-salted products like the roe.

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