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New Fish Guides Delve into UK Industry

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The seafood organisation - Seafish - have recently extended extended their up-to-date advice on the status of 26 of the most popular fish species consumed in the UK.

In addition Seafish is taking this fact-based approach one step further by producing a series of guides on the wider issues affecting the UK fishing industry. These are intended to provide easy-to-understand briefing notes and background information for all interested parties - consumers, journalists, the industry and the general public.

“We have established a successful format with the 26 responsible sourcing guides. These look at individual fish stocks and are very well used,” said Seafish Marketing Communications Manager, James Wood.

“But we wanted to take that approach one step further with a new series of guides that would pull together fact-based information on more general, but key issues, affecting all fisheries.

“Three of these new four-page guides are now available. We have started with the more generic topics of sustainability and responsible sourcing in our first two guides looking at what the terms really mean to the UK fishing industry. The third guide highlights the history and significance of bottom trawling to the UK fishing industry.

“Seafish guides to discards, Marine Protected Areas and the Responsible Fishing Scheme are all due to be published in February. But this is only the start. We have about 20 themes we intend to cover. Next in the pipeline are guides to North Sea species and stocks and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing,” he said.

Further Reading

- You can view the individual species guides at the Seafish B2B website by clicking here.