New Analysis Concludes Seafood is Safe and Important to Eat

16 December 2014, at 12:00am

NORWAY - The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety concludes that seafood is healthy, safe and important for all groups in the population.

The Norwegian report also states that pregnant women’s intake is too low and that they should increase their seafood consumption.

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety has updated its 2006 assessment of risks and benefits from seafood consumption upon request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

In the new report, the committee concludes that the benefits of seafood consumption clearly outweighs the negligible risk presented by current levels of the contaminants and other known undesirable substances in fish.

"Also the 2006-assessment clearly stated that the positive effects outweighed the negative, but the old report contained some caveats that has led to some negative interpretations and impressions of seafood," said the CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Mr. Terje E. Martinussen.

The new report concludes that no consumer group runs the risk of consuming undesirables or pollutants from seafood that pose a risk to their health and that seafood is healthy and important.

Strong and important conclusion

"This is a day worthy a celebration both for the general health and wellbeing of our population and for our seafood industry. The now removed limitations given in 2006, has been very negative for the reputation of seafood. With the new, clear and positive conclusions, we expect the consumption to grow both in Norway and abroad," said Mr Martinussen.

There are national seafood recommendations given in many countries but as one of the largest exporters of seafood in the world the Norwegian report is given considerable attention. Safe and healthy food is important on all continents and with the new risk/benefit conclusions Norwegian seafood exporters can give scientific, positive answers to consumers and importers.

Pills and capsules no substitute for seafood

The Scientific Committee for Food Safety does not only conclude that Norwegian seafood is safe. It also states that the positive effects of seafood cannot be replaced fully by eating supplements or fish oil capsules.

It is the reduced levels of undesirables in fish feed for farmed fish and a thorough scientific evaluation of PCB’s, residue and other undesirables in both wild and farmed fish that leads to the strong positive conclusion for seafood.

"I am happy that we can remove the limitations given for some groups in our former dietary advice," said Director Knut-Inge Klepp with the Norwegian Directorate of Health when the report was presented in Oslo.

Further Reading

You can view the full report by clicking here.