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NaturalShrimp signs tech agreement to advance indoor shrimp cultivation in Japan

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NaturalShrimp ­– developer of the first shrimp-focused commercially operational RAS – has signed a licensing agreement with Japanese manufacturer Niterra for the trial use of NaturalShrimp’s patented shrimp growing technologies at an aquaculture farm in Japan.

NaturalShrimp's indoor shrimp tanks

NaturalShrimp's electrocoagulation technology, the passing of electric current through water, has proven very effective in the removal of contaminants from water © NaturalShrimp

Under the terms of the agreement, NaturalShrimp will provide Niterra – a world leading manufacturer of spark plugs – access to its proprietary electrocoagulation and hydrogas technologies to test the suitability and viability of the patented technology in shrimp cultivation within small-scale, locally owned farms.

The trial period is expected to take up to six months from the deployment of the required equipment – including electrocoagulation equipment, hydrogas and water dosing equipment, assorted connectors and other necessary components – at the chosen trial location. Upon successful completion of this initial trial, Niterra will consider conducting further studies and trials to evaluate the efficacy of NaturalShrimp technologies on additional aquatic species, under separate agreements.

“Niterra is the first company in Asia to license our technology, expanding our opportunity to provide fresh, naturally grown shrimp in one of the world’s largest seafood markets,” said Gerald Easterling, CEO of NaturalShrimp, in a press release. “We expect a successful initial trial that will lay the groundwork for additional agreements with different species. We look forward to building a strong collaborative relationship with Niterra as they explore how our easily controlled technologies electronically remove ammonia and nitrites, reduce the bacteria load, and improve the overall health of animals within an aquaculture system.”

Dirk Schapeler, president of Niterra Ventures Company – a division of Niterra that explores opportunities to generate new revenue streams within various business sectors – added: “Land-based food production plays an increasingly important role to provide healthy food to the world's growing population and this requires water quality management. We currently have a team working on a land-based aquaculture system that detects changes in ammonia levels to stabilise the environment for healthy shrimp growth and production. We believe the use of NaturalShrimp’s proprietary technologies will further advance our capabilities to produce premium quality shrimp using a high degree of automation within an indoor environment.”

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