Minister Highlights Spain's Leadership in European Aquaculture Production

6 December 2012, at 12:00am

SPAIN - The Secretary General of Fisheries and President of the Spanish Aquaculture Observatory Foundation (OESA), Carlos Dominguez, discussed the leadership of Spain in European aquaculture production and the potential of this activity that provides high quality food and provides employment.

Carlos Dominguez has highlighted the importance of the Spanish production of mussels and other shellfish, such as clams, oysters and cockles, "as an indication of the weight that aquaculture has and may have in the future".

To promote the development of this activity, the Secretary General has announced that the Ministry, the Foundation OESA and industry players, prepare a sustainable development strategy of Spanish aquaculture to be presented in the coming months. "It will be the starting point for the development of the Strategic Plan for Spanish aquaculture, to be submitted to the European Commission before the end of 2013."

This Plan, Mr Dominguez explained, is closely related to the priorities in aquaculture that will be collected in the Spanish Operational Programme of the European Maritime and Fisheries, which will take effect in 2014. "These two documents are tasked to Spanish aquaculture to continue leading in terms of production and economic European aquaculture, through diversification of species and the provision of a higher value of aquatic products that enable increased competitiveness of enterprises in a global market," added the Secretary General.