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Minister Discusses Aquaculture with China

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BRAZIL and CHINA - The Fisheries and Aquaculture minister, Marcelo Crivella, met with the new Chinese ambassador, Li Jinzhang. The visit is of great significance, as China is both one of Brazil's biggest trade partners and it is one of the leading fish producers.

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According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), China produced 49.7 million tons of seafood in 2009, of which almost 70 per cent (34.8 million tonnes) was from aquaculture. Thus, that year, China accounted for 62.5 per cent of world aquaculture production.

But Brazil has the potential to become one of the largest fish producers in the world in particular the development of aquaculture.

The country has approximately 12 per cent of surface freshwater on the planet and a coastline of more than eight thousand kilometers.

However, the country is still laying the groundwork to make fishing and aquaculture as important as the national agriculture, which produces not only for the domestic market but also for export.

The Chinese experience in aquaculture could help Brazil to step up its aquaculture projects on the continent and at sea.