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Mexico is Sixth Largest Producer of Feed

23 July 2012, at 1:00a.m.

MEXICO - The Information Service Food and Fisheries (SIAP) department has reported that in 2011, Mexico recorded 28.3 million tons of feed intended for consumption by livestock and pets.

Last year, the country added value through agro-industrial processes and 18 million tons of grains such as sorghum, corn and forage.

According to statistics from the Information Service Food and Fisheries (SIAP), Mexico is recorded as the sixth largest producer of feed in the world and the second in Latin America.

For 2012, Mexico expects to produce a slightly higher ammount than achieved during 2011.

This production is estimated to have a market value of about $1,121,021 and to employ 270,000 people.

The SIAP explained that in Mexico there are 552 processors of agricultural goods in feed, distributed mainly in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Puebla, Queretaro and Chiapas and Mexico City.

Of the estimated production for 2012, more than half will be used for poultry, followed by dairy, fisheries and cattle.

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