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Mekong Delta Farmers Developing Rice-shrimp Farming

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VIET NAM - A rice-shrimp farming model is being developed in the Mekong Delta provinces as natural conditions in the region are suitable for developing the model, input costs are low and the model fetches high profit to farmers.

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In Kien Giang province, shrimp farming area under the model increases to 70,000 hectares, making up 50 per cent of the locality's total shrimp farming area. Since 2000, the model has been expanded fast by local farmers, reports VASEP.

Shrimps reared under the model grow fast and are free from diseases. Besides, rice co-cultivated together shrimp fetched high productivity without using fertilizer and pesticides.

Under the model, farmers are implementing directions by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to produce safe products with high quality for exporting.

Rice-shrimp farming area in the Mekong Delta will be expanded in the coming time from the current area of 140,000 hectares.