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An impressive number of startups are due to showcase their technologies at the forthcoming Blue Food Innovation Summit.

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Startups set to feature at the summit include Mari Health Solutions

The event takes place in London on 23-24 May

Taking in place in London on 23-24 May, the Blue Food Innovation Summit will give a number of early-stage innovators the chance to showcase groundbreaking technologies and scalable solutions on stage and in the dedicated start-up exhibition.

Five start-ups will pitch their innovative solutions in a Technology Showcase live on stage, with Q&A led by investor experts from Bright Tide and EIT Food.

  • Aquanzo is pioneering farmed marine ingredients using zooplankton to produce marine superfood for fish and shrimp nutrition while protecting the ocean.
  • Next Tuna has designed a floating RAS to overcome the logistical challenges of Atlantic Bluefin tuna reproduction at scale, suitable for all maritime aquaculture and reducing reliance on wild catch.
  • Mari Health Solutions have developed a diagnostic molecular screening tool to assess the impact of farming operations, nutrition and environmental changes on farmed fish and shellfish.
  • Aponiente has succeeded in being the first to grow marine cereal grain, also known as sea rice, as a crop under controlled conditions. It has potential as a future superfood in human diets and can be grown along coastal areas abundant in saltwater.
  • Aquarech is Kenya’s first fish-farming platform, infusing IoT, farm management and use of high-quality feeds to improve the productivity of small-scale fish farmers and linking the produced fish to traders. The innovation provides vital production metrics such as feed conversion ratio, average daily growth, mortality rates and water temperature.
  • Big Akwa economically and environmentally optimises land-based aquaculture by introducing industrial symbiosis between the aquaculture and pulp paper processing industries, using waste heat and oxygen to benefit each other and create usable by-products, including fertiliser.
  • Galaxeye Space is building the world’s first multi-sensor imaging satellite for earth observation, enabling advanced imagery to penetrate cloud and gather unique insights day and night to provide datasets irrespective of weather conditions.
  • Safety Net Technologies offers precision fishing technology to help fishing crews catch their target species more consistently and sustainably.
  • Seavolution are developing a tissue tech that emulates the fat and muscle fibres of fish, creating plant-based seafood.

Innovation is a critical part of the agenda, and entrepreneurs will also share their insight during panels, alongside producers, retailers, feed suppliers, health providers, and active investors:

  • Peter Gale (Reeldata AI) will discuss how to unlock RAS using AI data and hybrid solutions.
  • Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda (Urchinomics) will examine how to scale restorative ventures whilst bolstering production in natural habitats.
  • Liris Maduningtyas (Jala Tech) and Elena Piana (Noola Redclaw) join a panel spotlighting how to empower smallholders and deliver climate resilient solutions through digitalisation.
  • Jonathan LaRiviere (Scoot Science) and Bryton Shang (Aquabyte) will discuss how to identify data gaps within blue food and facilitating network infrastructure.
  • Shrikumar Suryanarayan (Sea6 Energy) will highlight innovative solutions addressing key bottlenecks in the production and distribution of seaweed.
  • Angela Odero (Rio Fish) and Nick Hill (Coast 4C) will provide case studies sharing their experience on leading the blue food revolution in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and mapping aquaculture trends across the globe.
  • Gibran Huzaifah (Efishery) will reveal what the future of sustainable aquaculture would look like, exploring innovations transforming the sector and opportunities to invest.
  • Adam Baske (Running Tide) will join the panel uncovering the potential of blue carbon exploring projects and sharing unique approaches to utilise carbon.
  • Nathan Pyne-Carter (Ace Aquatech) will highlight technologies meeting regulations on aquatic sentience, strengthening standards and driving welfare-focused technologies in aquatic harvest.

Blue Food Innovation Summit’s conference producer, Ruth McKenzie, comments in a press release: “The ocean is one of our most precious and invaluable natural resources, generating global food security and protecting our earth in mitigating climate change. We are thrilled to highlight the talented individuals emerging across the blue sector who are pioneering ground-breaking approaches to foster and grow the blue economy,”

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