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Marine Harvest Forecast Five Year ISA Storm

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CHILE - It may take the salmon industry four to five years to recover its pre-viral infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) production levels, Marine Harvest Chile General Manager Alvaro Jimenez recently predicted.

"The industry will most likely return to the [output] levels we had in 2007 in about five years. We may still change the direction of the curve and begin to grow, but five years is a perfectly reasonable time for us to reach the level we had before," stated the executive in La Tercera.

Translating the news, FIS have reported that production is expected to fall 30 per cent in 2009 compared to last year’s registered output.

"We will fall from 90,000 tonnes to less than 30,000 tonnes," Jimenez indicated.

Salmon farming industry production is expected to `hit bottom' next year, and only in 2012 will it begin to recover.

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