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Marine Aquaculture Innovation Centre opens in Scotland

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Agri-EPI Centre, in partnership with Otter Ferry Seafish and Innovate UK, has launched a new Marine Aquaculture Innovation Centre (MAIC) on Loch Fyne.

Dave Ross, CEO of Agri-EPI Centre, and Alastair Barge, CEO of Otter Ferry Seafish,

Officially opened yesterday, it aims to help drive sustainable solutions and improve efficiency for the UK aquaculture industry.

Guests of the launch event were welcomed by managing director of Otter Ferry Seafish, Alastair Barge, and CEO of Agri-EPI Centre, Dave Ross, who introduced the new centre.

"The facility is scaled and configured to bridge gaps identified by industry, including testing of instrumentation and validation of operational welfare indicators, and other trials, under controlled conditions with near market-sized farmed fish. The proposed investment is industry-led - responding to industry demand and taking design and direction from that demand,” said Ross.

Guests enjoyed a tour of the facilities, a networking lunch, and the witnessing of the formal opening of the centre.

In conjunction with independent aquaculture company, Otter Ferry Seafish – and jointly funded by Innovate UK and Agri-EPI Centre – the Marine Aquaculture Innovation Centre offers fully serviced research and development facilities to aquaculture producers and technology providers and is aimed at helping to drive sustainable solutions and improve efficiency for the UK aquaculture industry.

As Alastair Barge, managing director of Otter Ferry Seafish, explained: "Research has been at the heart of the company since day one, but our recent collaboration with Agri-EPI has added new impact and a new species in salmon. We have a great mix of industry and research, and together we can forge the way as innovators in sustainable aquaculture."