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Local Sea Fish Species to be Cultivated

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CUBA - In a further effort to increase and diversify food supply for the population, Cuba will soon begin to cultivate Cobia fish, which inhabits the national marine platform.

The director of the fishing enterprise ESCABO in the eastern municipality of Niquero, Juan Luis Riestra, told the Cuban News Agency that the development in captivity of the fish species will be carried out by his entity and another enterprise in central Sancti Spiritus province.

The project will open with the capture of Cobia fish able to reproduce in their natural environment, which will be taken into cages for their reproduction, reports Cuba News Headlines. Tadpoles of that fish species are known for their fast development since they are able to gain over one kilogram of weight in just six months, said the expert.

The first reproduction cycle will be an experimental action, said Mr Riestra and added that the development of the fish species will be favored by habitat and feeding conditions, which sparks optimism for the project.

According to scientific research, the Cobia fish (Rachicentrum canadum) is one of all Caribbean fish species offering good prospects for their artificial cultivation, given its fast development with some animals reaching up to nine kilograms in just one year.

ESCABO enterprise has successfully developed the adaptation of the Red Tilapia to salty waters. The fresh water fish species is highly demanded by international tourism facilities.