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Kelp Blue makes XPRIZE shortlist

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Kelp Blue, company that seeks to restore marine biodiversity and promote carbon sequestration by farming seaweed, has been named as one of 20 finalists of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition.

A diver inspecting some kelp
Kelp Blue plans to farm vast quantities of giant kelp off the coast of Namibia

The XPRIZE is a four-year $100 million global competition that is one of the largest incentive prizes in history. It is open to innovators and teams that can create and demonstrate solutions that pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and sequester it durably and sustainably. The 20 finalists will vie for a $50 million grand prize to be announced in 2025.

Founded in 2020, Kelp Blue is at the forefront of developing innovative and sustainable solutions based on the cultivation of giant kelp. From its primary operations based in Luderitz, Namibia, the company is focused on addressing important global challenges such as climate change, marine biodiversity loss, and job creation—inspired by the global shift towards sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Kelp Blue's cultivation approach requires no fertilisers, pesticides, land, or freshwater. As one of the fastest-growing organisms, giant kelp offers diverse applications in a multitude of products – from pharmaceuticals to textiles, plastic replacements and more. These products are made by harvesting just the canopy of the kelp, leaving the rest of the forest in place to restore marine biodiversity, promote carbon sequestration and support a healthier ocean ecosystem. Kelp Blue's most developed product is a biostimulant, StimBlue+, that boosts crop yields and increases crop resilience, reducing the need for chemical inputs. This empowers farmers to move towards regenerative agriculture and eliminates toxic byproduct from fertilizer run offs into the world's oceans.

Daniel Hooft, founder and CEO of Kelp Blue, commented: "We are thrilled to be named as one of the top 20 finalists for XPRIZE Carbon Removal's grand prize out of 1,300 vetted submissions. Our project achieves a number of things: locking away carbon, restoring and enriching marine biodiversity, and bringing meaningful diverse employment opportunities to fragile coastal economies—thereby reducing extractive pressures on marine resources. And very significantly, these nature-positive and social impacts are a side-effect of an elegant, harmonious commercial activity—so do not require a single cent in additional investment. Our cost per ton of sequestering carbon is zero. As we move into the final stage of this prestigious competition, we are confident that we will be able to showcase Kelp Blue as a viable, proven, and sustainable solution to combating climate change while contributing to local economies and livelihoods. To make a positive change and impact on the environment, we need a collaborative effort and a diverse range of high-quality carbon removal solutions to avoid the worst effects of climate change and we are proud to be listed among the top 20 companies offering carbon removal solutions around the world."

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