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Jelly Fish Swarms Coub Be a Cash Bonus

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UK - The swarms of jellyfish off the Welsh coast could become a new food exporting industry.

The jellyfish have been plaguing fish farms in the region but researchers at Swansea University are investigating the possibility of exporting the jellyfish to the Far East where they are a delicacy.

According to Wales On Line university researchers are fitting unique tracking tags to the jellyfishto map their movements between Wales and Ireland.

The huge blooms found in the Irish Sea contain billions of jellyfish such as the giant Rhizostoma octopus – known as the barrel or football jellyfish, weighing up to four stone) and the smaller moon jellyfish. Both are non-stinging.

However, Wales On Lin says that there is evidence that glow-in-the-dark mauve stingers have been blown into the Irish Sea from the Mediterranean.

The EcoJel Project, a four-year joint research study between Swansea and Cork universities, is looking at the prevalence of jellyfish in the Irish Sea which was launched in August last year.