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INVE develops new rotifer substitute and feed strategy for marine hatcheries

Hatchery operators can reduce live rotifer diets by at least 50 percent by adopting an innovating feed protocol and diet developed by researchers at INVE.

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
14 October 2021, at 8:50am

INVE Aquaculture has introduced Natura pRo and ExL a new feedline and protocol that allows marine hatcheries to substitute rotifers seamlessly. The company launched the product during Aquaculture Europe 2021 in Madeira, receiving positive reactions from the scientific audience and clients.

Relying on rotifers for hatchery nutrition often meant contending with high operational costs, management challenges, and variations in feed quality and finishing results. INVE's researchers believe they have addressed this challenge and can provide a workable substitution for rotifers without sacrificing nutritional quality. Natura pRo and ExL can provide a nutritionally balanced and palatable larvae feed. It is efficiently assimilated by developing larvae, resulting in increased survival and performance.

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This rotifer substitution challenge has been the priority for INVE (Benchmark Advanced Nutrition) for many years. Steven Debono, Product Manager Fish Hatchery, explains: Natura pRo and ExL are the novel solution to rotifer substitute. They lead towards improved survival, larvae quality and operational flexibility for marine fish hatcheries.

“At INVE, we are focused on the most pressing issues in modern aquaculture, including advancing our knowledge and science on operation and technologies. This innovative feedline will allow hatcheries to produce high-quality marine fish juveniles while taking quality and production standards to the next level.”

Breaking new ground in marine fish aquaculture

INVE researchers aimed to develop a rotifer substitute that provided optimal nutrient assimilation and palatability from initial hatch until post-weaning. The team also developed a feed that had exceptional water behaviour and stable particles that would prevent nutrient leaching. This means that the feed will help maintain optimal water quality, further enhancing the productivity of marine fish hatcheries.

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