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Intervet at Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2007.

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The Asian Pacific chapter of the World Aquaculture Society held its annual meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam from August 5-8.

The conference was attended by Dr Yoshinobu Wada, from Intervet KK, Japan, and Drs Lauke Labrie and Brian Sheehan from Intervet Norbio Singapore.

The theme of the conference was Prospering from Dynamic Growth and a special session devoted to freshwater catfish production in Vietnam discussed the history and current status of Pangasius farming, where production is expected to reach 1 million metric tons by the end of 2007.

The session on Aquatic Animal Health was well attended with 28 papers presented by authors from 12 countries worldwide representing various aspects of the aquaculture community from academic researchers to non-governmental organizations and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Three papers were presented by Intervet. Dr Labrie was invited by the organisers to give an overview of the emerging diseases of fin fish in the South East Asian region.

Dr Sheehan gave an overview of the now well-established benefits of vaccination against Streptococcus iniae disease in Asian sea bass using Norvax Strep Si. Finally, Dr Wada discussed the problem of pasteurellosis, providing details of the epidemiology of this disease in the Asia Pacific region and providing the first public details of Intervets new bivalent vaccine against pasteurellosis and infections caused by Lactococcus garvieae, which is expected to shortly receive market authorization in Japan.