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International Symposium on Small-scale Freshwater Aquaculture Extension

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THAILAND - An International Symposium, which is being held in Bangkok, Thailand, 2-5 December 2013, aims to provide a venue for information sharing on extension of small-scale aquaculture.

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World population is projected to increase drastically in the coming decades, threatening the food and nutritional security of the masses and particularly of the poor. Greater attention on agricultural resource management is essential. Among the different sources of animal protein, freshwater fish are considered to be one of the most promising commodities that can contribute significantly to food security and nutrition.

Moreover, small-scale aquaculture, common in the Asia-Pacific region, provides additional benefits to rural communities including income generation, nutritional improvement, and sustainable practices through integrated farming systems.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been involved in the development of small-scale aquaculture through technical cooperation projects (TCPs) in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, which demonstrate the effectiveness of “farmer-to-farmer extension” approaches in rural aquaculture.

In these TCPs, core farmers who produce fingerlings are motivated to teach grow-out to others using simple techniques so that they can acquire patronage of clients and expand market outlets. It is noteworthy that such system not only provide economic benefit to the core farmers but also enhance their social role as local leaders and/or extension workers.

This approach is not totally new, especially in the agriculture sector. However, the experiences, lessons learned and findings from these JICA-implemented TCPs on small-scale aquaculture are worth sharing with other stakeholders, and as a reference for better management practices.

In this context, an international symposium is being organised for stakeholders involved in the JICA-assisted projects in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Benin and Madagascar.

This symposium, which will be held in the Centara Grand Hotel Ladprao (Bangkok) is also open to other interested stakeholders in the region who are involved in small-scale aquaculture operations. JICA, NACA and DOF-Thailand are co-organising this symposium, with support from key partner institutions including the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, SEAFDEC, the Asian Institute of Technology and the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency. Presentations as well as discussions during the symposium will be summarised in the form of proceedings for distribution to relevant organisations.

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