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Increasing The Availability Of Fresh Seafood

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US - Sodexo, Inc., the world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions, in partnership with CleanFish, a sustainable seafood procurement expert, has announced one of the largest initiatives of its kind designed to significantly increase the quantity and availability of sustainable fresh fish options in the United States.

CleanFish was selected as the lead partner in this initiative because of its expertise in building sustainable fresh seafood solutions - both wild and farm-raised - as well as its relationships with both small and large-scale artisan producers.

"We're thrilled to be the lead partner in this initiative," said Tim Matz, president of CleanFish. "As one of the largest global food service organizations, Sodexo is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on reducing the amount of unsustainable seafood in the industry while positively influencing customer's choices in the marketplace. By leading the way in creating a better environment, Sodexo is working toward creating a global shift to sustainable fishing and consumption."

The plan, for which details are still being finalized, will leverage CleanFish's expertise in a collaborative effort with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certifying bodies to significantly increase the availability of sustainable, fresh seafood to Sodexo's more than 6,000 client accounts and customers nationwide.

The need for an initiative of this magnitude has never been greater. With 115 million tons of seafood consumed globally, according to Food and Agriculture Organization report "The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2010", consumption of seafood is at an all-time high putting increased strain on our ocean's ecosystems.

In fact, seven of the top ten marine fisheries are now fully exploited or overexploited due to fishing and seafood farming practices that harm marine habitats and seafood supplies. Sodexo's Sustainable Seafood Initiative is part of its Better Tomorrow Plan, the company's global roadmap for sustainability, and represents action toward one of 14 Better Tomorrow commitments to the environment, health and local communities. Sodexo's partnership with CleanFish will help it reach its stated goals of 100 per cent contracted sustainable seafood by 2015.