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HB Grandi Landings Worth ISK17.80 Billion

7 January 2013, at 12:00am

ICELAND - Total catches by HB Grandis vessels last year came to approximately 200,000 tonnes with an overall value of ISK17.80 billion.

This is a slight reduction in catch and value for the companys freezer trawlers, attributable to Therney RE and rfirisey RE being docked for extensive refits during last year.

An increase in pelagic catches has resulted in the companys overall landings being similar to those in 2011.

The five company freezer trawlers landed 31,700 tonnes between them, with a value of ISK9.50 billion. This is a significant reduction over the previous year when the five vessels landed 36,400 tonnes with an ISK10.70 billion catch value.

There was a small increase in catches by the companys three fresher trawlers. Catches came to 18,500 tonnes and the value stands at ISK3.30 billion.

The HB Grandi pelagic fleet landed approximately 148,600 tonnes last year. The value landed by the four vessels came to around ISK5.10 billion. This is a respectable increase over the 106,000 tonnes valued at ISK4.10 billion landed the previous year.

The overall picture shows that the HB Grandi fleet landed 38,000 tonnes more last year than in 2011, an increase of 23 per cent, while the total catch value fell by ISK136 million, or roughly one per cent.

Further information and figures for 2011 and 2012 can be found in the table below.

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