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Friend Of Sea Galician Mussels Launched

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SPAIN - Galician mussels from Mariscos Linamar S.L. have been certified Friend of the Sea.

Both, Mariscos Linamar and Depuradora La Sirena (the purification Plant) are located in the Port of Tragove - Cambados, the geographical centre of the Rias Baixas.

Mussels in Galicia are farmed on wooden platforms, called rafts. They are made of eucalyptus beams fastened on top of four or six floaters anchored to the sea bed with a concrete block. From each raft hung several ropes where mussels grow.

During the spawning season the mussel larvae float downstream until they attach themselves to the raft ropes (spat collectors), or until they arrive to the coastal rocks. After some time farmers transfer the baby mussels to a different rope so they have enough space to grow. Sometimes farmers also collect the mussel seeds from the rocks and attach them to the ropes.

The floating platforms also act as artificial reefs for wild life, including fish, birds and crustaceans. Farming of Mariscos Linamars mussels implies no use of feed or chemical treatments, hormones or antibiotics.

The group parent company was founded in 1998 with the aim of distributing shellfish to the domestic and international market. Mariscos Linamar oversees the mussel farming in order to be able to guarantee the origin of its products. It accomplishes the entire production system; purification, classification, packaging, and distribution.

Mrs Adelina Solla, the General Manager confirms: Being part of Friend of the Sea, we can show how sustainable mussel farming can make a difference.

Mr Paolo Bray, Executive Director of Friend of the Sea adds: Mariscos Linamar S.L. takes great care of their sustainable operating practices as well as the preservation of the natural area.