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Fishmeal & Oil Supplies Boosted By EWOS

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GLOBAL - Leading aquaculture feed producer, EWOS, is sponsoring an Improvers Programme extension to the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisations Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS).

The Improvers Programme (RS-IP) will assist fishmeal and fish oil factories which fall short of the existing RS Standard to demonstrate responsible fish stock management and/or food safety and traceability in their factories. RS-IP applicants will follow an approved, independently audited and timetabled improvement plan, typically over three to six years.

On successful completion the factories will be eligible to apply for full IFFO RS certification.

Kjell Bjordal, COO EWOS, said: Aquaculture is a very efficient way to transform fishmeal and fish oil ingredients into healthy seafood, so we are pleased to show our support for further development of the IFFO RS Standard.

The EWOS sponsorship will assist with the cost of setting up the Improvers Programme, in particular identifying initial candidates and determining their suitability for inclusion on the RS-IP.

From a supplier development perspective, it is very important to us that there is a clear route for fishmeal and fish oil factories that do not meet the standard today to improve their practices, to become certified and ultimately to increase the global availability of responsibly sourced marine ingredients for use in aquafeed, Mr Bjordal added.

IFFO Director General, Jonathan Shepherd said: IFFO greatly appreciates EWOS support for this initiative and its commitment to our objective of increasing supplies of responsibly sourced marine ingredients. Sustainable supplies of aquaculture feed are essential for the responsible expansion of the industry."

By introducing the IP extension, the thrust of the RS is now clearly to encourage a general improvement in standards, rather than in any way being a barrier to trade. The RS-IP for fishmeal and fish oil producers is compatible with all major certification schemes - including those of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the Marine Stewardship Council and Global Aquaculture Alliance. In addition to EWOS the RS-IP has the support of major retailers and wholesalers, he said.

The RS-IP was developed by IFFO in consultation with FAO and in close conjunction with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.