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Fish Samples Taken From Market for Tests

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Responding to a report published in Khaleej Times that some vendors are applying a red-coloured substance to make the fish look fresh, officials from the Health Division of the Fujairah Municipality paid an inspection visit to the fish market.

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Aseelah Al Mualla, Director of the Public Services and Environment Department, said the fishes displayed at the counters looked fit for human consumption, reports KhaleejTimes.

To double check and assure customers, random samples of fishes were collected from the counters to be sent to the Food Protection Centre for testing to check whether the fish gills have any artificial substance.

Mr Al Mualla said the photos published in Khaleej Times were of a type of fish called Sheri Shekheili. Shekheili is a local fish that already has a normal red colour on its gills. Mr Al Mualla appealed to the public to contact the municipality and the Markets Control Centre if they suspect any foul play related to food products in general.