Experts to strengthen Spain's aqua sector

8 July 2019, at 11:16am

The first meeting of a group that aims to promote the sustainable growth of Spain’s marine aquaculture sector took place last week.

The debut meeting of the Aquahub Network was organised by Apromar and Acuiplus on 5 July. The initiative has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry for Ecological Transition and was founded to boost networking among key players in the Spanish marine aquaculture sector in order to enhance its competitiveness and sustainability.

The initial meeting was attended by experts from leading marine aquaculture stakeholders including representatives from the University of Cádiz, Azti, Cetecima, Ih Cantabria, Ctaqua, Cetga, Plocan and the Biodiversity Foundation. This group makes up the core of a network that will promote the development of sustainable aquaculture under the EU's blue growth strategy.

Assistant editor at The Fish Site

Megan Howell first started writing about aquaculture in 2019 as part of the editorial team at 5m Publishing and The Fish Site. She has a MSc in applied research methods from Trinity College Dublin. She currently lives and works in Ireland.

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