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Cellana To Receive Grant For Marine Algae As Feed

HAWAII, US - Cellana LLC will receive a grant of more than $5.5 million from the US Department of Agriculture for a project to produce affordable animal feed from marine algae.

The company's goal is to achieve large-scale production of feedstocks for aquaculture, biofuels, other animal feeds and other products from marine microalgae, reports Pacific Business News. Cellana also has raised more than $1.6 million in nonfederal funds for the project, which is titled 'Developing a New Generation of Animal Feed Protein Supplements'.

The project began on 1 May and is expected to run until 30 April 2014, according to a statement from Senator Dan Inouye's office.

Cellana LLC is based in Kona on the Big Island and is a subsidiary of Cellana Inc., which was formerly known as HR BioPetroleum Inc.

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