Celebrity Chef Mark Greenaway Signs Up for Seafood Week

3 October 2016, at 1:00am

UK - The celebrity chef, famous for appearing on Great British Menu, has agreed to back Seafood Week for the second year running and has developed a Seafood Week-inspired special menu which he will be putting on in his Edinburgh restaurant throughout the eight-day celebration.

Mark Greenaway said: “It is a real privilege to be joining Seafish for Seafood Week. I believe in cooking with fresh, local and seasonal produce and something we should all be extremely proud of is the fish from our oceans. For such a small country the abundance and variety of fish and shellfish is second to none and something we should all be eating more of.”

Seafood Week, run by Seafish, is an annual campaign which champions the variety and quality of seafood available in the UK and aims to encourage more people to eat more fish more often. The annual consumer campaign generated an estimated £18 million benefit to the seafood industry when it was reintroduced last year.

The campaign will run from October 7 to 14 and showcase a different seafood species on each of the eight days, as well as featuring a daily ‘inspiration of the day’ to promote different fish dishes.
Seafish is offering foodservice businesses of all sizes to be involved in Seafood Week by allowing them to advertise what they are doing during the campaign by signing up at www.seafoodweek.co.uk.

The website has an extensive range of ideas for how businesses can be involved in Seafood Week on a specially created marketing toolkit.

Seafish marketing manager Heather Middleton said: “We are thrilled that Mark Greenaway has agreed to become a Seafood Week partner. Mark is famous for his commitment to local, seasonal produce and seafood is no exception. It is great news that he has also agreed to develop a Seafood Week-inspired menu.

“Seafood Week is a fantastic opportunity for all businesses in the industry to support the campaign and showcase the fish and shellfish that they put on their menu.

“We are keen for businesses across the foodservice sector to get behind the campaign and hopefully many more will see the benefit of Seafood Week and take the opportunity to get involved and join us in championing seafood.”