Buy Cheaper Cultured Fish For Lunar New Year

9 January 2012, at 12:00am

TAIWAN - Government officials are urging people to buy cultured fish instead of saltwater fish, as the prices of saltwater fish soar due to limited supplies and high demand ahead of the Lunar New Year period.

Huang Che-yuan, vice executive director of the Taiwan Aquaculture Development Foundation told FocusTaiwan that retail prices for saltwater white pomfret, a type of fish often eaten during the Lunar New Year festivities, have risen to between NT$550 (US$19) and NT$585 per kilogram.

Fisheries Agency Director-General Sha Chih-yi urged people to buy the cheaper cultured species, such as golden pomfret, which is priced below NT$320 per kilo.

He also recommended other types of cultured fish including bass, priced at about NT$320 per kilo, and mullet, which costs roughly NT$150 per head.