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Blumar celebrates fish farm success

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Blumar - a Chilean salmon producer - celebrates the success of its Puyehue fish farm, which was started with the aim of producing 30 percent of the company’s smolt capacity.

A salmon smolt farm in Chile
The Puyehue farm supplies a significant portion of Blumar's smolt requirements

© Blumar

A little over a year ago, Blumar - an aquaculture and fisheries company - launched a project through which it aimed to supply a significant portion of its demand for salmon smolts. The outcome of the project is the company's first fish farm located in the Puyehue commune, Los Lagos Region, Chile, which was started with the objective of contributing 30 percent of the company's smolt requirement, which is equivalent to nearly 4 million fish per year.

“We have completed one year since we started operating this project, which has undoubtedly transformed into a series of very relevant milestones for the company,” said Blumar freshwater leader Wido Martínez, in a press release.

“We have already planted our first million and a half smolts into the sea, which have had a very satisfactory response, and on the other hand, we have consolidated the freshwater team in charge of this operation," he added.

The project represents important advances for the salmon producer, allowing greater control of the production chain. Gerardo Balbontín, Blumar general manager, highlights the significance of the success of the farm to the company.

“This project is a fundamental milestone in the history of the company, because since its launch the desire to be present in the entire salmon production chain has been realised,” he said.

Balbontín also emphasised the wider importance of the farm, not just for the company’s own aspirations, but also for the wider community. The farm has created employment opportunities for 24 people in the area.

“It is a sign that the project has not only generated value for the company but, even more importantly, for the community that surrounds it,” he said.

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