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AquaChile Dive Into $40 Million Recirculation Project

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
3 February 2009, at 12:00am

CHILE - Contrary to Marine Harvest Chiles stance that a complete removal of smolt production in fresh water lakes is too expensive and not a sure cure for controlling ISA, Victor Hugo Puchi of AquaChile agrees that recirculation technology is the best biosecurity prevention available for fresh water production.

In line with what Oscar Garay, ex-Director of Fresh Water Production for Marine Harvest Chile stated yesterday, the directors of AquaChile recently approved an investment plan of over $40 million to revamp the company’s fresh water production area, reported Fish Farming Expert.

According to La Tercera, Puchi explains, "The conversion project involves the construction of land based sites for broodstock with controlled recircultion systems and converting our open flow hatcheries into controlled recirculation systems as well."

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