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APC Blood Products Lead the Way in Animal and Fish Nutrition

05 August 2013, at 1:00am

GLOBAL - Blood products are used worldwide, largely as feed ingredients due to their efficiency, efficacy and safety over decades.

Out of these, Spray-dried plasma (SDP) and hemoglobin are renewable natural proteins, ideal for the nutrition of aquatic animals due to their excellent digestibility, biosafety and ideal aminoacid profile.

APC profiles itself as the world’s largest blood products producer for animal nutrition, with a decade-long presence in Europe and around the world and a proven track record of performance in all types of animal feeds.

In aquaculture, AP301P spray-dried hemoglobin is a nutritionally highly efficient source of proteins, helping to improve growth, feed intake and feed efficiency in fish. It is therefore an ideal addition, or even replacement, for traditional fish-based products and vegetable proteins.

As the most relevant producer of these products, APC offers AP820P, spray-dried animal plasma, a highly safe, digestible and palatable source of functional proteins, which is recommended for inclusion in animal diets as a source of immunological support.

AP82OP is good for immunological support due to its high level of globulin proteins, as well as its effect on the animal’s immunological response to challenges.

Trials demonstrate the improvement of the feed and protein efficiency ratios as well as a more homogeneous distribution of body weight.

For further information, please contact us through our website at, or via Email: or Phone: +34 938 615060.

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