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Anglers Say Sea Lice isn't Solely to Blame

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UK - Shetland anglers said they could not blame sea lice alone for the decline in sea trout numbers around the islands voes, after a Scottish campaigner lambasted the fish farming industry on the issue.

Yesterday (Tuesday) veteran wild fish campaigner Bruce Sandison, of Scottish Sporting Services, repeated his call for all fish farms to be moved onshore to protect wild stocks, reports TheShetlandNews.

Mr Sandison said that sea lice infesting salmon cages around Scotland were causing havoc amongst wild fish, bringing “distinct populations of Scotland’s wild salmonids…to the brink of extinction”.

However Shetland Anglers’ Association secretary Alec Miller said yesterday that sea trout numbers in the islands had improved in recent years thanks to the group’s restocking policy.

“We have been concentrating on putting sea trout in areas where there are no salmon cages, such as Sullom Voe, parts of Yell and off Cunningsburgh, and we seem to be getting good results,” Mr Miller said.