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Aller Aqua offers new RAS-optimised feed

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Aller Flow is a new feed designed for Atlantic Salmon raised in recirculated aquaculture systems.

Aller Flow is a new feed that is optimised for performance in terms of excellent water quality and healthy, fast-growing fish.

Production of Atlantic salmon in RAS is gaining popularity across the globe with steadily rising production volumes each year. While technically advanced and requiring large investments, RAS also call for highly sophisticated and advanced fish feeds.

Following the increasing trend of large-scale production of Atlantic salmon in RAS across the world, Aller Aqua introduces Aller Flow as the best choice for farming Atlantic salmon in this sophisticated environment. Thoroughly tested and developed at the trial station at Aller Aqua Research in Buesum, Germany, Aller Flow is created considering the impact of the feed on the entire production system whilst maintaining focus on fish health and growth.

Dr Robert Tillner, Product Manager at Aller Aqua, explains:

“Aller Flow has been developed to enable the highest feed efficiency, not only in terms of growth but also feed conversion. Every digit in improved feed conversion means fewer nutrients to be handled by energy-consuming filtration units in RAS. Keeping this in mind, we were able to improve the FCR by no less than 4 percent in Atlantic salmon fed Aller Flow compared to a competing RAS feed. That is a huge difference when producing several thousand tonnes of salmon! We have also significantly improved the faeces structure from fish fed Aller Flow compared to a competing RAS feed, meaning that the more compact and stable faeces are efficiently transported through and removed from the system by filtration units. This will make a big difference for the efficiency of the RAS as well as the economic result.”

Aller Flow is the newest member of the recently launched POWERRAS concept. Aller Flow contains no animal by-products and is available in sizes 3 & 4.5mm for Atlantic salmon farmers in RAS.