Dr Anna K Sonesson

Dr Anna K Sonesson

Research director of the department of breeding and genetics at Nofima

Dr Sonessen completed her PhD in 2002 at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Between 2002 and 2019, she worked as a (senior) researcher at Nofima.

Her research activities focus on the optimisation of breeding programmes for major and emerging aquaculture species. She specializes in methods to include genomic information in selective breeding, managing genetic variation in breeding programs and gene mapping. She is on the Mendeley list of influential researchers in their fields (

She has been associated editor of Animal Genetics and guest editor of a Frontiers issue. She has been a board member of the Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform since 2006 and was board member the aquaculture program of the Norwegian Research Council 2009-2016. She is the initiator of the Fish Breeders’ Round Table, which is a forum for researchers and industry representatives of aquaculture breeding.

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